Re: [Linux-ia64] Bug report: 4-threaded program gets seg. fault on malloc, on linu x R2.4.3.

From: Andreas Schwab <>
Date: 2001-06-01 18:03:31
"Robboy, David G" <> writes:

|> I have reported this on bugzilla also, Bug #42354.  I don't know whether it
|> is
|> a kernel bug, libc, or libpthread.
|> The attached program spawns 3 new threads, and each of the 4 threads does a
|> malloc.  Run it on a 4P Lion.
|> On Linux kernel R2.4.3 (Red Hat release 7.0.98), it aborts with a
|> segmentation fault.  The same binary executable runs correctly on a R2.4.1
|> kernel.

I have no problem running it with 2.4.4 on SuSE 7.2.


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