Re: [Linux-ia64] OpenSSL IA-64 port

From: Andreas Schwab <>
Date: 2001-05-24 20:25:45
Andy Polyakov <> writes:

|> (Being a member of OpenSSL development team) I'm working on OpenSSL
|> IA-64 port, in particular on assembler implementation of
|> multiple-precision arithmetic. I have the code (1000 lines and growing)
|> runnning under HP SKI emulator, but would like to test and more
|> important benchmark it on real hardware. Apparently the compile farms
|> that were set up by Linux vendors at the end of 2000 aren't available
|> any longer (at least all the links lead to non-existing pages).

Our compile farm ( is still available,
but there has been some delays in the approval process recently.  We are
trying to get this resolved ASAP.

Thanks, Andreas.

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