[Linux-ia64] OpenSSL IA-64 port

From: Andy Polyakov <appro_at_fy.chalmers.se>
Date: 2001-05-24 00:04:44
(Being a member of OpenSSL development team) I'm working on OpenSSL
IA-64 port, in particular on assembler implementation of
multiple-precision arithmetic. I have the code (1000 lines and growing)
runnning under HP SKI emulator, but would like to test and more
important benchmark it on real hardware. Apparently the compile farms
that were set up by Linux vendors at the end of 2000 aren't available
any longer (at least all the links lead to non-existing pages). So I
wonder if anybody can provide any useful pointers (or an account, in
return I can consider porting my implementation to glibc:-).

Please note that I'm not subscribed to the list and would appreciate if
you contact me directly.

A lot of thanks in advance. Andy.
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