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From: McCaffity, Ray <>
Date: 2001-05-18 23:39:35
The mail at this address keeps getting bounced back at me.

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My question was simply how to force modules to load before the install.
I've tried
doing a ELI:linux dd   but it just goes straight to the installer screen,
and then
it gives up because it can't find the hard drives on my QL1280 (isp 12161)
controller.  I'm very familiar with "pre-loading" the modules for the
install of the
x86 version.  But I'm missing something here.

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From: Andreas Schwab []
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Subject: [Linux-ia64] SuSE 7.2 IA64 beta release available for download

The SuSE Linux 7.2 IA64 beta release is now available.  The ISO images can
be downloaded from

This release features Kernel 2.4.4, our graphical installer YaST2, KDE2
and a lot more things.

For questions and bug reports please write to


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