RE: [Linux-ia64] EFI GPT tools ?

From: <>
Date: 2001-05-15 22:13:31
> Some months ago, my colleague Josef Moellers posted
> a question on the availability of fdisk and friends
> with support for the EFI GPT. The tools on Redhat 7.1
> beta do not support this format, thus RedHat cannot
> be installed on GPT-Formatted disks.
> Does anybody know if someone works on this problem,
> or do these tools already exist somewhere ?

I've made a patch to GNU parted to support partitioning disks with GPT.
There are two patches to parted 1.4.11 available at  Apply the pmbrfix patch second.

To my knowledge, no one has tried modifying fdisk yet.  I haven't had the
time myself.

The kernel understands GPT-partitioned disks just fine.


Matt Domsch
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Dell Linux Systems Group
Linux OS Development
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