[Linux-ia64] Fix two IA32 bugs.

From: Don Dugger <n0ano_at_valinux.com>
Date: 2001-05-09 08:12:30

Here's a patch, against the 2.4.3 kernel + the 0405 IA64 patch + the
LDT patch, that fixes two IA32 buglets:

1)  A typo in `siginfo64to32' caught by Dave Engebretsen.  I can only
assume that this code is never called because otherwise the bug should
have caused the kernel to dereference location 0.

2)  Initialize the IA32 registers on process startup.  This should fix
the problem you were seeing where the JAVA JRE was not terminating
properly.  Since EDX was not being initialized the IA32 exit code could
have been jumping into never-never land.

Don Dugger
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