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maybe I am missing the exact point of your problem but that's the idea of
how PCI devices should be represented in DSDT:

each a device if it's PCI one MUST have _ADR, which represents dev/fun
number (no bus#). bus# can be declared by _BBN if it's not implicitly clear.
The _BBN is surplus information unless you are dealing with peer bus
architecture. Otherwise bus# can be figured from PCI hierarchy. You ain't
need no _HID except host bridge, that's where hierarchy starts and that's
what must be defined AND THAT'S ONLY THE CASE when _HID can be defined for a
PCI device. _HID for the host (or hosts in case of peer bus architecture) is
"PNP0A03". _UID is needed only if there are several devices with the same
_HID, serial ports COM A and B, for instance, to distinguish them or PEER
BUS architecture again. Though, you don't need to define PCI device at all
1. It's host bridge (the case when the _HID must be provided)
2. You need to access to it's configuration space (so need to tell what
dev/fun it is, bus will be figured from PCI hierarchy or _BBN if that is not
implicitly clear)
3. you need to refer device in an object (_PRW for instance)

glad if it helps

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Even with ACPI namespace, {_HID, _UID} pair does not tell the path of a
device in a given topology, and can not produce a PCI bus number(vice
_ADR of PCI device does not provide bus number either. It's just dev +func.

So to get PCI bus number of a given PCI bus:
1. you can use _BBN of the device, but this works only on root pci bridges.
I personally want to see all PCI bridges have _BBN method for OSPM's
convenience, but ACPI spec does not require it for non-roots.
2. you can enumerate pci bus from root pci bridges, following PCI std df
enum scheme, and access pci config space of pci bridges to get BIOS set bus
numbers. (But note that bus numbers set by BIOS do not necessarily match to
what OSes assign. For reasons OSes can assign bus numbers different from
BIOS's. So, PCI numbers from pci config space at EFI boot manager time, it's
not always the same as OSes enumerates) Afaik, linux does not alter bus
numbers set by BIOS yet, but someday...)

Thus, there seems to be no perfect solutions here... to get pci bus number
from acpi name space alone.


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Not all PCI devices appear in the ACPI namespace. If a PCI device shows up
in the ACPI namespace, it should have _ADR, which basically is its PCI bus,
device, and function number. Then you can tell the _HID and _UID associated
with that device. Hope this helps.


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Subject: [Linux-ia64] translating ACPI _HID & _UID to PCI bus number

I'm working on a user-space application to add a Linux entry to the IA-64
EFI Boot Manager.  One component of this entry is the ACPI _HID and _UID
fields, which correspond to a PCI bus number (in Linux kernel terms).  I
know the PCI bus number, device, and function, for a given controller.  What
I don't have is the ACPI _HID and _UID fields that match the PCI bus number.
Any thoughts on how I can get them?


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