RE: [Linux-ia64] translating ACPI _HID & _UID to PCI bus number

From: Nakajima, Jun <>
Date: 2001-05-03 06:26:11
Not all PCI devices appear in the ACPI namespace. If a PCI device shows up
in the ACPI namespace, it should have _ADR, which basically is its PCI bus,
device, and function number. Then you can tell the _HID and _UID associated
with that device. Hope this helps.


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Subject: [Linux-ia64] translating ACPI _HID & _UID to PCI bus number

I'm working on a user-space application to add a Linux entry to the IA-64
EFI Boot Manager.  One component of this entry is the ACPI _HID and _UID
fields, which correspond to a PCI bus number (in Linux kernel terms).  I
know the PCI bus number, device, and function, for a given controller.  What
I don't have is the ACPI _HID and _UID fields that match the PCI bus number.
Any thoughts on how I can get them?


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