Re: [Linux-ia64] New Red Hat Linux Beta release for ia64 availabl e

From: Bill Nottingham <>
Date: 2001-05-02 05:55:00
McCaffity, Ray ( said: 
> 1. I know with all the hub-bub surrounding BogoMips the last few years on
> the x86
>    platforms, the number doesn't mean a whole lot.  But I still use it as a
> "close-enough"
>    baseline for some of my servers.  Anyway, the output from cat
> /proc/cpuinfo is
>    slightly different from the bogoMips in the dmesg.  Which one is more
> reliable?

They should be resonably similar, although they might vary slightly
between processors.

> 2. For my 733Mhz IA64's, my BogoMips is around 730, which is slower than 1
> bogo per
>    MHz.  This is a long way from what I get with x86 processors.

That's irrelevant.

>    if I go too far the server starts getting unstable.  What are the number
> of
>    file handles supported by Linux 2.4.x ?

It's settable in proc. See Documentation/sysctl.

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