Re: [Linux-ia64] Request for texts for IA64 option s.

From: Eric S. Raymond <>
Date: 2001-05-02 05:37:26 <>:
> CONFIG_IA64_EFIVARS has been replaced with CONFIG_EFI_VARS in what will be
> DavidM's next patch against 2.4.4, and his tree includes help text for this.

Heh.  I remember looking at this and thinking the underscore was missing.

> I'm including it here just for reference.
> /proc/efi/vars support
>   If you say Y here, you are able to get EFI (Extensible Firmware
>   Interface) variable information in /proc/efi/vars.  You may read,
>   write, create, and destroy EFI variables through this interface.
>   To use this option, you have to check that the "/proc file system
>   support" (CONFIG_PROC_FS) is enabled, too.

I've added this to my superset-merged
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