[Linux-ia64] GPT patch for parted 1.4.7

From: <Matt_Domsch_at_Dell.com>
Date: 2001-03-07 05:01:00
Attached is a patch against GNU Parted 1.4.7 which adds EFI GPT support.
This has not yet been submitted to the GNU Parted team officially, I'm
waiting on a kernel IOCTL patch to be included first.  A lot of people are
interested in this, so I'm making it available for testing.  I haven't
tested this against newer versions of parted, but expect it to drop in with
minimal effort.

- This works for all disks with an even number of 512-byte sectors.
- This works for SCSI disks with an odd number of 512-byte sectors by using
SCSI Generic (sg) commands to read/write the last odd sector.  Odd-sized IDE
disks won't work.
- Pending the inclusion of a kernel patch to allow reading/writing the last
sector of any disk via a block layer IOCTL, I'll re-write this patch to
remove the sg hacks and use that instead.

If anyone wants to help, particularly in adding Unicode support to parted,
I'd appreciate it.  Please join the bug-parted mailing list.
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Your feedback is encouraged.  


Matt Domsch
Dell Linux Systems Group
Linux OS Development

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