Re: [Linux-ia64] IA64 Boot/Installer CD

From: Michael Madore <>
Date: 2001-02-27 11:26:21

Here is how we do it.

1) Create a directory called cdroot.  Create a subdirectory called boot.

2) Inside the boot directory, place your kernel and your initial ramdisk.  
You will also want to put any efi apps or shell scripts that you might need.

3) From inside the cdroot directory, run the attached "mkboot" script.  This
will create a boot image for your cd.

4) Run the attached "mkiso" script to build the cd image.

5) Run the attached "mkcd" script to burn the image onto the CD.  The "mkcd"
script is used with an IDE CD-ROM burner, so you may need to adjust cdrecord
command for your hardware.

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 03:07:08PM -0800, Nick Pollitt wrote:
> Could someone explain what the bare minimum requirements are for a bootable
> CD on IA64.  I have a kernel and an initrd ready, but I'm not sure how to 
> package them up.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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