Re: [Linux-ia64] ia64_get_dcr problem

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2001-02-13 10:42:57
>>>>> On Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:25:38 -0600 (CST), Jack Steiner <> said:

  Jack> Is this a GCC problem or a problem with the
  Jack> asm/ia64/processor.h inline functions??

  Jack> I used the ia64_set_dcr & ia64_get_dcr functions in a loop &
  Jack> got bad code. I had references to both ia64_get_dcr in
  Jack> ia64_set_dcr in the loop. The "get" was optimized out of the
  Jack> loop & did not see the result of the "set".

  Jack> If I add "volatile" to the ia64_get_dcr asm statement, I can
  Jack> avoid the problem. But I am not sure whether this is the
  Jack> correct solution. (I hit a similar problem with
  Jack> ia64_get_irr0() earlier too).

Thanks for the report.

I fixed this now, along with a couple of other *get* macros in

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