[Linux-ia64] ia64_get_dcr problem

From: Jack Steiner <steiner_at_sgi.com>
Date: 2001-02-13 09:25:38
Is this a GCC problem or a problem with the asm/ia64/processor.h
inline functions??

I used the ia64_set_dcr & ia64_get_dcr functions in
a loop & got bad code. I had references to both ia64_get_dcr 
in ia64_set_dcr in the loop. The "get" was optimized out of the loop &
did not see the result of the "set".

If I add "volatile" to the ia64_get_dcr asm statement, I can 
avoid the problem. But I am not sure whether this is the correct
solution. (I hit a similar problem with ia64_get_irr0() earlier too).

I am using the "2.96-ia64-000717 snap 001117" compiler.

Source (stupid test but illustrates the problem):

        dcrtest() {

                long    i, dcr;
                for (i=0; i<10; i++) {
                        printk("0x%lx\n", ia64_get_dcr());

Generated code:
         <dcrtest.0>        alloc r36=ar.pfs,0,5,2,0  
         <dcrtest.1>        mov r34=cr.dcr                      <<< get
         <dcrtest.2>        mov r35=rp  
         <dcrtest+0x10.0>        mov r33=21845  
         <dcrtest+0x10.1>        mov r32=9  
         <dcrtest+0x10.2>        nop.i 0  

         <dcrtest+0x20.0>        addl r37=-1091248,gp;;
         <dcrtest+0x20.1>        mov r38=r34  
         <dcrtest+0x20.2>        nop.i 0  
         <dcrtest+0x30.0>        ld8 r37=[r37]  
         <dcrtest+0x30.1>        nop.i 0  
         <dcrtest+0x30.2>        br.call.sptk.many rp=printk;;
         <dcrtest+0x40.0>        mov cr.dcr=r33;;               <<< set
         <dcrtest+0x40.1>        srlz.d  
         <dcrtest+0x40.2>        adds r32=-1,r32;;
         <dcrtest+0x50.0>        cmp.lt p7,p6=r32,r0  
         <dcrtest+0x50.1>        nop.i 0  
         <dcrtest+0x50.2>   (p6) br.cond.dptk.few dcrtest+0x20  

         <dcrtest+0x60.0>        nop.m 0  
         <dcrtest+0x60.1>        mov.i ar.pfs=r36  
         <dcrtest+0x60.2>        mov rp=r35  
         <dcrtest+0x70.0>        nop.m 0  
         <dcrtest+0x70.1>        nop.i 0  
         <dcrtest+0x70.2>        br.ret.sptk.many rp;;


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