Re: [Linux-ia64] modutils 2.4.2 and USB

From: Michael Madore <>
Date: 2001-02-13 06:49:30
On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 11:41:13AM -0800, Johannes Erdfelt wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 12, 2001, Michael Madore <> wrote:
> > I have just built kernel 2.4.1 with the IA64 patch, and also the latest
> > (2.4.2) modutils.  All of the USB options are compiled as modules, with the
> > exception of USB-Core, which is compiled statically.  After installing
> > everything, running depmod -a yields:
> > 
> > depmod: Module /lib/modules/2.4.1-010131-1smp/kernel/drivers/usb/acm.o has
> > an unknown version (2) usb_device table
> > 	It is likely that the kernel structure has changed, if so then
> > 	you probably need a new version of modutils to handle this kernel.
> > 	Check linux/Documentation/Changes.
> > 
> > Is this a known problem?
> That is definately weird. Keith Owens wanted to add a version information
> to help fix a problem we ran into with 2.4.0.
> Right before 2.4.0 we had to modify the usb_device_id structure to add some
> extra information to make it work correctly. However, this didn't change
> the size of the structure (because of alignment reasons) and as a result
> it was difficult for modutils to tell the difference between the old style
> structure and the new style structure.
> Both Linus and I didn't want to add the version information in 2.4 and we
> just told him to drop the support for the old style structure since it was
> only found in development kernels.
> The code stayed in modutils it appears since it wouldn't get in the way
> of anything and it would be used in 2.5.
> But, the patch never went into the kernel and it shouldn't be finding any
> version information. Is there a __module_usb_device_ver symbol in acm.o?

Yes, acm.o has a symbol called __module_usb_device_ver.  If I temporarily
remove acm.o, I get the same message for audio.o, so it isn't a problem just
with that module.

Mike Madore
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