[Linux-ia64] Pagesize bug vs. libpthread bug :(

From: Francis Galiegue <fg_at_mandrakesoft.com>
Date: 2001-02-12 23:03:23
I've succeeded in compiling and installing the CVS version of glibc dated
20010208, but since then all programs using libpthread segfault. This includes
all fileutils, among others. Fortunately I have a "stable" glibc installed in
my chroot and so can export LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to them, so my system is
still usable.

But that won't solve at all this pagesize problem. Hence my question: is there a
patch somewhere that makes programs linked statically with libnss work (hence
rpm) applying over *stock* glibc 2.2? I hate to have to choose between two
bugs, but I'd rather have ls, mv, etc work... And I'm not knowledgeable about
glibc internals at all...

Please help :(

Francis Galiegue, fg@mandrakesoft.com - Normand et fier de l'Ítre
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