Re: [Linux-ia64] kernel update (relative to 2.4.0)

From: Jim Wilson <>
Date: 2001-01-12 13:30:47
>I got the source of the tool chain, but i could find how to build this
>source to generate the
>compiler, linker binaries from this.

In general, for most FSF programs, the build process is the same.
Unpack the sources so that you have a src directory.  Then something like
       mkdir build
       cd build
       make install
This will build a native toolchain including everything.

If you don't want to install in /usr/local, you can change that directory
name with the configure option --prefix=<path>.

If you don't want the gdb gui, including tcl/tk/tix/itcl/etc, then you
can use the configure option --disable-gdbtk.

For a cross, there are a few extra steps.  You need libraries and header files
from the target.  You can grab /usr/lib and /usr/include from the target and
put them on your build machine.  Then use the --with-libs=<path> and
--with-headers=<path> configure options to point at the target library and
header files respectively.  You also need the --target=ia64-linux configure
option to indicate that this is a cross to ia64-linux.

There is documentation on this stuff, but it is scattered around a bit.
There is a toplevel README file that contains some info, with pointers
to tool specific README files like gcc/README, which in turn point at other
files.  Red Hat has some nice printed documentation that we give to customers,
but it isn't in a convenient form for our purposes.  It is done in FrameMaker
I believe.  There is also some online stuff, for instance  This is gcc specific, but most of
this stuff is the same for all of the other parts of the toolchain.

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