Re: [Linux-ia64] IA-64 Linux TODO list

From: Don Dugger <>
Date: 2001-01-11 08:51:07

OK, I got the web page up with the TODO list on it.  You can link
to it from `' or go directly to the page at
`'.  Check it out and let me know if
there are any changes or additions.  Some obvious changes are we
need some volunteers for `EEPro100', `execve' and `gprof' - any

In addition to the web page I plan on sending out a text copy of
the list to this mailing list on a bi-weekly basis.

On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 11:23:23AM -0800, David Mosberger wrote:
> Since we're getting closer to a real release of various IA-64 Linux
> distros, I thought it would be a good idea to pass around my TODO
> list.  I'd really appreciate if someone else could maintain this list
> and mail it out periodically (weekly?) as my bw is pretty limited
> right now.  Here is what comes to mind:
> Kernel
>  - enable kernel unaligned handler
>  - verify that all on-board hardware is supported and working:
> 	- does cs4281 sound driver work reliably now?
> 	- what to do about eepro100? (currently hangs on > 180MB transfers?)
>  - investigate and fix test suite failures reported by SCO (Who's the
>    contact person at SCO for this?  Please make available simple test
>    cases that reproduce the problem so we can go about fixing them.)
>  - consider clearing CPU state on an execve() to avoid leaking information
>    to a new program; Alan Cox thinks it would be sufficient to do this
>    when current->dumpable is zero
> Libraries
>  - gprof support?
> Apps
>  - gdb
>     - NaT bits don't seem to work properly?
>     - coredump support still broken?
>  - strace
>     - 'strace -f' hangs if the program forks a child;
>     - verify that the new system calls have been added
> I'm planning to work on the kernel unaligned handler but if someone
> else is dying on doing that, let me know. ;-)
> If you can think of anything else, please let me know---I'll try keep
> the list uptodate for now.
> 	--david
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