RE: [Linux-ia64] what BIOS for big sur MPs?

From: Hall, Jenna S <>
Date: 2001-01-06 06:20:52

Yes, build 60 is very old and had some problems.  Build 70 is the newest
BIOS recommended for A2 processors.


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Subject: [Linux-ia64] what BIOS for big sur MPs?

We have A2 stepping Big Sur MP systems for linux development.  I loaded
BIOS 60, which seems to be somewhat flaky as I'm getting occasional
random hangs either of the entire system or the console keyboard (in the
latter case, I can log in remotely).

This is with test10 turbolinux kernels, or test12 kernels built with the
latest patches referenced here.

If you've got A2 stepping CPUs, what BIOS do you use?
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