Re: [Linux-ia64] -ma-step and -mconstant-gp options for gcc?

From: Jim Wilson <>
Date: 2000-11-24 06:47:28
The -ma-step option enables compiler workarounds for A-step and B0-step
errata.  So far it didn't seem worth the trouble to add a -mb0-step option.
This option will likely be removed before the next toolchain release.

There is also a -mb-step option that enables compiler workarounds for B-step
errata.  This should be used if compiling code for B-step machines.  -ma-step
implies -mb-step, so you don't need both.

For -mconstant-gp, see the discussion of the elf header flag EF_IA_64_CONS_GP
in the psABI.

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