Re: [Linux-ia64] -ma-step and -mconstant-gp options for gcc?

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2000-11-24 05:57:42
>>>>> "Francis" == Francis Galiegue <> writes:

Francis> I wonder what the two options in $subject do...  For
Francis> -ma-step, I can guess this assumes that the code will run on
Francis> an A stepping CPU, but in this case, will it run on a B? If I
Francis> want to compile a kernel for a B stepping processor, I guess
Francis> I have to remove this option?

The first one enables workarounds in the compiler so it doesn't
generate code that triggers problems on the A-step's.

The second tells the compiler that the gp is constant so it doesn't
constantly reload it when calling functions. It's used by the kernel.

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