RE: [Linux-ia64] FAT32 file system not mounting on IA-64

From: <>
Date: 2000-11-18 13:06:20
Chris, thanks for investigating further.  Glad to hear you can reproduce the
problem there.

w/o the -F 32, it makes a FAT16 file system, which supports long file names
and the vfat type, just as Windows NT FAT16 file systems support long file
names.   If you mount with:  mount -ofat=16  or with -ofat=32, you'll see it
force the choice, and then you can see if the kernel thinks it's a FAT16 or


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Subject: RE: [Linux-ia64] FAT32 file system not mounting on IA-64


I looked a little more and think you're probably onto something.  I believe
there is a problem with 'mkdosfs -F 32'.  I ran this program on a 100MB file
I built with dd and got the errors you reported when I tried to mount it.
Doing the same thing without the '-F 32' switch built a mountable filesystem
which looks for all the world like FAT32 (for example, it doesn't have a
problem with arbitrarily long filenames and mounted successfully with 'mount
-t vfat').

Somebody might want to look into this if they have time.  Thanks,

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