[Linux-ia64] XFree4.0.1e success?

From: Michael Madore <mmadore_at_turbolinux.com>
Date: 2000-11-14 10:37:36

I was wondering if anyone has had success running XFree4.0.1e on IA-64.  I
am particularly interested in the following cards:

ATI Rage 128 RK (rev 0)
ATI Rage 128 RE (rev 0)
ATI Rage XL (rev 39)
ATI Rage IIC 215IIC [Mach64 GT IIC] (rev 58)

If you are having success, what kernel and version or glibc are you running?


Mike Madore
Software Engineer
TurboLinux, Inc.
Received on Mon Nov 13 15:37:13 2000

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