Re: [Linux-ia64] Recommended compiler for compiling kernels test10 and upper?

From: H . J . Lu <>
Date: 2000-11-14 10:08:29
On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 03:01:56PM -0800, Jim Wilson wrote:
> >I'm trying to build the 2.4.0-test10 kernel with the ia64 patch.  We
> >recently upgaded the hardware on one of our boxes to B1 stepping, and
> >now it won't boot.  I'm hoping the newer kernel will work better.
> The Red Hat August Linux OS release won't boot on a B1.  This was due to a
> misapplied kernel patch, and was fixed immediately after the problem was
> discovered, which was unfortunately a couple of days after the OS release.
> There is a kernel update available from Red Hat that fixes this, but it is
> a little tricky to install the kernel update if the machine doesn't boot.
> Since you presumably still have A step machines, you should be able to install
> the kernel update on an Ax machine, and then move a hard disk over to the B1
> machine, and then it should boot.

That is what happened to me when my machine was upgraded to B1. I
wound up putting a working kernel on the RedHat ia64 bootable LS120
floppy and booted it with root=.... It assumes you have RedHat already
installed on your machine befor upgrade.

H.J. Lu (
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