Re: [Linux-ia64] Recommended compiler for compiling kernels test10 and upper?

From: Gerrit Huizenga <>
Date: 2000-11-14 09:25:36
I've built Jim's 1024 toolchain release this way.

I have not yet played with the test10 kernel - I'm still on test9 because
of the number of patches I'm using, not all of which are yet at test10
(actually, the last one or two was just announced, so I can probably move
up a notch soon).

You might want to look into just why it won't boot.  There are several
workarounds (e.g. qlc > 4GB memory addressing turned on in BIOS, EFI
workarounds, kernel config parameters such as VHPT and related workarounds
enabled/disabled, etc.).  Your problem may not be just the toolchain.


> >I was able to build this toolchain (the lack of pre-existing g++ stuff
> >on my IA64 machine was a small problem but I ignored it for the time
> >being).  I installed it into a /usr/gcc1024 hierarchy so as not to
> >clobber my existing gcc (since I'm not yet moving to glibc 2.2 on
> >that machine).
> Which toolchain are you building?
> >Then I could build the kernel (on a Red Hat Linux release 6.93 (Zoot))
> >release, cut sometime in June, I believe.
> >
> >Then, I built the kernel with:
> >
> >HOSTCC=/usr/bin/gcc CC=/usr/gcc1024/bin/gcc make HOSTCC=/usr/bin/gcc
> >CC=/usr/gcc1024/bin/gcc -j 20 > ERRS 2>&1 &
> >
> >Which seems to work reasonably well.  This allows the cross tools to
> >build with the native CC (glibc 2.1 based) and the kernel to build
> >with a recent compiler, which does not care a whit about glibc
> >support.
> >
> >The native toolchain on that Red Hat distro does not have unwind
> >support, impylying no stack tracebacks in panics, kdb, etc.  The newer
> >gcc works fine, compiles completely, and has wonderful stack
> >tracebacks.
> >
> >All this on a 4-proc Lion, running A3 procs and an ancient BIOS/frame
> >(my B2/B3 upgrade has been deferred for a while).
> I'm trying to build the 2.4.0-test10 kernel with the ia64 patch.  We
> recently upgaded the hardware on one of our boxes to B1 stepping, and
> now it won't boot.  I'm hoping the newer kernel will work better.
> So far, I'm running into problems with the old Red Hat toolchain, and
> with the latest snapshot as well.  I haven't hit on the right compiler
> yet, I guess.
> Has anyone successfully built 2.4.0-test10 with the IA64 patch?  If so,
> which toolchain did you use?
> - Scott
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