Re: [Linux-ia64] Performance Monitor Internals:

From: Ross Ridge <>
Date: 2000-11-10 02:40:32
> I am currently working on the perfmon support for Linux/ia64 as you
> have seen for the recent patches.  The goal is to support the entire
> of features of the Itanium PMU including EARS and BTB and not just
> Also support is planned for per process AND system-wide monitoring
> both UP and SMP systems.
> So I you have any ideas, concerns or want to contribute something,
> feel free to contact me.

I'm also interested in using the performance monitor, but my only
concern is if user processes will able to access the performance
counters directly with a "mov 1,PMD[r2]" instruction, instead of
having to use some sort of kernel service to access the counter.
Essentially, all I'm looking for is a replacement for the IA-32's
"RDTSC" instruction in the code I'm porting.

                                          Ross Ridge
Received on Thu Nov 09 07:40:42 2000

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