Re: [Linux-ia64] Making a CD that is readable under efi

From: Mike Smith <>
Date: 2000-10-24 12:21:42
> You need to create an El Torito bootable CD.  An El Torito bootable CD contains
> a floppy image (boot.img typically) that EFI can read.
> I've never created an El Torito bootable CD, so I can't give details on that.

If EFI can *only* read the boot image off an El Torito CD, I'd have to 
put that in the "extremely lame" category.  However, I wouldn't be 
surprised if EFI at the moment doesn't support the iso9660 filesystem; I 
certainly don't see anything in the EFI sample implementation which looks 
like it would do the trick.

You might want to poke the Intel boys and tell them to go steal some more 
code from the FreeBSD loader; they've done a great job so far turning it 
into platform firmware. 8)

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