RE: [Linux-ia64] Multimedia Instructions

From: Mattox, Dave <DMattox_at_UNITECH.COM>
Date: 2000-10-21 10:59:02
I figured as much. Its just a shame that some really nice instructions have
such relatively huge penalties associated with them.


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On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Mattox, Dave wrote:

> 2. Does anyone know if the 10 clock cycle penalty for a multimedia
> instruction result used in a different instruction type is just a quirk of
> the Itanium Chip or will this most likely be carried into future IA-64
> Chipsets? 

It's certainly an implementation detail of the Itanium, not a property
of the IA64 architecture.  Of course, only some Intel people have an
idea about what the penalty will be in the next implementation.


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