[Linux-ia64] Problems building "2.4.0-test9" kernel source on/for IA-64

From: Faccini, Bruno <bruno.faccini_at_intel.com>
Date: 2000-10-18 17:35:46

I am posting this just in case it has not been already reported and/or fixed
thru the latest patch versions (ie somewhere between the base "-test9"
source tree version and the current/latest "2.4.0-test10/pre3").
Trying to build "-test9" full tar-ball on/for an IA-64 SDV, I got the
following problems/errors :
	_ multiple compilation errors for "arch/ia64/kernel/setup.c" source
starting with line #215 and apparently related to "definitions/declarations"
issues when it pointed to a routine ("setup_arch()") body !!
In fact this was due to a bug (typo ??) in "setup_arch()" routine itself,
where an "if{}else" statement contained an unnecessary "}" ("} else" at line
#160 in the original "setup.c" source) finally shortening the routine's body
and causing next routines statement to be parsed as
The following fix/diff corrected the problem :
$ diff setup.c.bfi setup.c.orig
< /*            } else
< This accolade appear to be a "typo" which mainly cause the upper "if"
< and the routine itself to close/end prematurelly, thus causing compilation
< errors for the rest of the routines statements now left outside !!
< B.Faccini (bruno.faccini@intel.com) */
<               else
>               } else         

	_ "unsatisfied externals" for "[disable,reenable]_usb()" entry
points, in source file "arch/ia64/kernel/irq_ia64.c". This appear to be
caused by a joint setup/configuration of
"CONFIG_ITANIUM_A1_SPECIFIC"+"CONFIG_USB". Since "[disable,reenable]_usb()"
are no longer part of any "-test9" Kernel source, I was only abble to fix
this by not using "CONFIG_ITANIUM_A1_SPECIFIC" setting since this build was
intended for an A3 stepping system, I  assume it should work ...

I did not have already tested this Kernel build, hope it will run/boot ok,
and I will post any further issue.


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