Re: [Linux-ia64] clock stops on test9

From: Einar Saltnes <>
Date: 2000-10-18 01:49:35
"Ahna, Christopher J" wrote:
> Einar,
> Are you building your test9 kernel with A1-specific fixes enabled?
> A1-specific fixes deal with interrupt handling and have historically caused
> problems like the one you're seeing on non-A1 stepping Itaniums.  Thanks,
> Chris

on my Dual B1-stepping Itanium I have now only enabled the
BSTEP_SPECIFIC setting. But the clock will still stop after some time.

On my UP A2-stepping Itanium, however, I have enabled both the ASTEP_-
and the A1_SPECIFIC setting. On this machine it doesn't seem to be a
problem with the clock. Uptime today is four days.

As David M. pointed out, I will compile a new kernel enabling only the
ASTEP_SPECIFIC setting for the A2-stepping BigSur as this will be the
correct configuration for the actual processor.

I will also make some tests on a Dual A3-stepping BigSur with BIOS 60
which just came in my door...


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