Re: [Linux-ia64] avoiding float underflow software assist

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2000-10-13 03:13:15
>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Wyckoff <> writes:

Pete> said:
>>  We discussed this recently and David strongly opted for glibc
>> setting s2/s3 the same way we set s0. I need to look closer at this
>> in order to figure out how to deal with the get-then-set case but I
>> think it's coming.

Pete> There's this method of masking just the control bits of sf0 into
Pete> sf* if you'd rather not provide direct library access to the
Pete> fpsr.  E.g., to set ftz in s0:

Pete>     asm volatile("fsetc.s0 0x7f, 0x01");

Pete> Or dup s0 into s2:

Pete>     asm volatile("fsetc.s2 0x7f, 0x00");

Pete> Not sure if/why intel gave us this instruction.  Perhaps
Pete> switching speed is important to some apps.

Hmmm need to go read manuals when I get back from Atlanta.

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