Re: [Linux-ia64] avoiding float underflow software assist

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2000-10-10 03:44:29
>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Wyckoff <> writes:

Pete> said:
>> On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Pete Wyckoff wrote: > This little code snippet
>> causes floating-point underflow during the > multiplication.  Try
>> this code and see if it helps.  You don't have to explicitly call
>> the function, it will be automatically executed before main().

Pete> Excellent.  I can manage to get this linked in with the fortran
Pete> application from whence the problem sprung, which is what I
Pete> really wanted.

Pete> Gcc and glibc seem only to care about st0.  The "minimal" fix,
Pete> which relies on glibc and exercises its fe*env functions, is:

We discussed this recently and David strongly opted for glibc setting
s2/s3 the same way we set s0. I need to look closer at this in order
to figure out how to deal with the get-then-set case but I think it's

Some of this may be broken in glibc-2.1 which I believe is in the
Turbo distrib you are using, however glibc-2.1 is most likely not
going to get fixed.

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