Re: [Linux-ia64] Taking a dump while kernel panic]

From: Matt D. Robinson <>
Date: 2000-10-07 04:51:15
Steve Neuner wrote:
> Did you see this?  You might want to sync up with them.
> --steve
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> Subject: Re: [Linux-ia64] Taking a dump while kernel panic
> Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 13:13:16 -0400
> From: "Pat O'Rourke" <>
> To: Bruno Vidal <>
> CC:
> > I'm looking for something to take a dump when system panic.
> > I've found the patch from SGI to do that. But I'm asking if
> > there is something to take a dump in the IA64 project ?
> We (Mission Critical Linux) have a kernel patch which creates a
> core dump on panic and also a tool (crash) which can be used to
> analyze the resulting dump.  We're in the process of porting the
> core dump patch to ia64; the crash tool has been ported to ia64
> already.
> Pat

We have some code that will do the dump on IA64 systems, so long
as you aren't using 64K page sizes.  If you'd like a patch for
this, let me know.  Note that this is against 2.4, not 2.3.99-preXX,
which is significant since some of the trace functionality had to

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