[Linux-ia64] ANNOUNCE: SuSE Linux 7.0/IA64 Beta release

From: Andreas Schwab <schwab_at_suse.de>
Date: 2000-09-28 05:39:23
The first SuSE Linux 7.0/IA64 Beta release is now available.  The
distribution is available for download from the SuSE ftp site:


These are four ISO 9660 images which you can burn on a CD-ROM.  The first
one is a bootable CD, just type `eli' at the firmware shell to start


1) YaST2 does not work yet.  Please select YaST1 for installation.
2) XFree86 configuration with SaX has some problems.  Please use
   xf86config instead.
3) README.ia64 is obsolete.  Please ignore its contents, there is no LS
   120 image any more.

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