Re: [Linux-ia64] big endian code of NUE gcc

From: Jim Wilson <>
Date: 2000-09-19 12:21:41
ia64-linux is little-endian.  The -mbig-endian option won't do anything useful
on an ia64-linux system.  You probably should have gotten a linker error
message though.  I think gcc needs to pass an option to the assembler so
that it can set the big-endian bit in the elf header.  Or else emit an
assembler directive to do this.

If you are emitting code for a different OS, and that OS has big-endian
support, and gcc has support for that OS, then -mbig-endian should do something
useful.  I do not know of any big-endian IA-64 targets at this time though,
so the big-endian support has never been tested.

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