RE: [Linux-ia64] [PATCH] fix casting problem in megaraid driver

From: <>
Date: 2000-09-06 12:50:40
> we find that, yuck, this is another driver that hasn't been updated
> for the PCI DMA interface.  Not much point in hacking around in this
> driver until this gets rectified...
> Note that the virt_to_bus() and bus_to_virt() macros have been
> obsoleted by the PCI DMA interface and will be removed from the kernel
> at some future point (I'm tempted to do this now so we'll discover
> right away which drivers need cleaning up).
> Can you ask the megaraid maintainers to update their driver to use the
> PCI DMA interface?
> 	--david

The update is in progress at AMI already.

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