Re: [Linux-ia64] Internal Error compiling ddd

From: Jim Wilson <>
Date: 2000-07-25 05:55:22
	BoxPoint.h:1352: Internal compiler error in `fix_lexical_addr', at

Probably a known bug with the C++ front end in the February (000216)
toolchain.  I'd suggest trying different optimization options -O1 or -O0.

The February toolchain is based on an FSF snapshot from Jan 3, and there were
unfortuntely some instabilities in the C++ front end at that time due to
C++ front end development.  These bugs have all been fixed long ago.  But
since they were fixed by additional C++ front end development, the patches
aren't really suitable for a released toolchain.

I think the best fix for this is to make a new release, and hope that the new
release has a more stable C++ front end.  Unfortunately, this is likely to
continue to be a problem until the FSF makes a release, since there continues
to be a lot of development work going into the C++ front end and other parts
of gcc.

Red Hat is working on a new toolchain release for the ia64-linux project.  We
made a CVS branch for the release last Monday, based on the July 10 FSF gcc
snapshot, and we are now testing the compiler and fixing bugs.  I could make
a pre-release at any time, but I think we need to fix a couple of more bugs
before that will be really useful.

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