[Linux-ia64] IA-32 Support

From: <SCHAN_at_uk.ibm.com>
Date: 2000-05-17 20:40:11

We need to get our current IA-32 Linux binary running on our IA64 box - but
when I tried to run it, I got the following error:

ldt_clear: modify_ldt: Function not implemented
ldt_setup: modify_ldt: Function not implemented
Segmentation fault

And on the console it says unexpected IA-32 Exception (Trap 45)

Just wondering is anybody working on implementing those functions yet? I
have looked at the source (2.3.99pre6-0501, from TurboLinux 0501 release)
and there is only stub code in it.

Sunny Chan
Java Technology Center,
Mail Point 146, IBM UK, Hursley Park, Winchester, England SO21 2JN

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