Re: [Linux-ia64] ld failure

From: Christoph Rohland <>
Date: 2000-05-03 17:33:51
Hi Jim,

Jim Wilson <> writes:
> 	/usr/bin/ld: dw: __gp does not cover short data segment 
> Sorry, I forgot to answer this.
> Something is still broken.  I don't know what.  There are a few ways
> that you could get here.
> 1) You have a program with millions of small static scalar
>    variables.  If so, try using -mno-sdata, or rewrite your program.

-mno-sdata does not help.

> 2) You are explicitly allocating variables to the short data
>    segment, either by using attribute section, or by using a special
>    linker script, or by writing assembly language code that puts
>    data in the short data segement.  If so, you need to fix your
>    code to stop putting so much data in the short data segment.

No, we do not use any assembler or attribute section commands.

> 3) There is a linker bug, that is causing the out-of-range call
>    support to fail in a way that makes it look like the short data
>    segment is too big.
> #3 seems like the most likely explanation.  We would need a complete
> testcase to reproduce this, which means a copy of all object files
> and libraries that you are linking together, together with the
> linker command line.  Fixing this would be a low priority, so it may
> be a few weeks before it gets fixed.

So this seems to be the case.

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