[Linux-ia64] INIT switch handler

From: <Matt_Domsch_at_Dell.com>
Date: 2000-03-16 02:54:54
The init handler in arch/ia64/kernel/mca.c doesn't do anything yet.  Does
anyone have plans for what such a handler should or will do on Linux?

When the init switch is pressed, it causes a reset of the processor(s). The
purpose of the init
switch on Lion is the same as the NMI switch on the IA-32 platforms. The
OS will have to write a handler that will check and see that the init
switch has been pressed and dump the state of the processor and the state
of the system.
Matt Domsch
IA-64 Linux Lead Engineer
Dell Computer Corporation
Received on Wed Mar 15 07:55:33 2000

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