Re: [Linux-ia64] Running ia32 binaries ...

From: Don Dugger <>
Date: 2000-03-03 04:45:56

Did you configure and re-compile the kernel that you are running?
I don't know if IA32 was configured into the binaries on the CD.
Make sure that `CONFIG_IA32_SUPPORT' is turned on.

Another problem could be with dynamic libraries.  The simplest
solution is to use the `-static' flag to create a static program.
If you want to run dynamic binaries you need to make sure that
all the IA32 dynamic libraries are installed on your IA64 box in
a separate directory and then have the environment variable
`LD_LIBRARY_PATH' point to that directory.

Let me know if either of those don't solve your problem.

On Thu, Mar 02, 2000 at 10:24:49AM -0800, Vadim Furman wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to run ia32-linux binaries on a ia64 machine with 64-bit kernel
> from Linux Word CD, and I get: "file not found" error. Are there any patches
> to install?
> The program is a simplest "hello world".
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