RE: [Linux-ia64] Getting a copy of the CD

From: Venkatesh Ramamurthy <>
Date: 2000-02-25 04:10:06
did u try booting from efi shell like these

goto the cdrom filesystem eg fs0:
fs0:\> eli vmlinux root=ROOT rescue 

where ROOT= the device node for IDE CDROM ... say eg /dev/hdb if its primary

then you have to fdisk the hard disk , create partitions and copy all files
& directories manually from the cdrom into the newly created partitions....
create  one partition as FAT, so that EFI SHELL can see it . copy the
contents of /boot directory into this FAT partition...

next time you boot the system go to the FAT filesystem that you have created
fs0:\> eli vmlinux root=/dev/hda1   

where /dev/hda1 is the primary master HDD

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On Thursday, February 24, 2000 11:58 AM, Eugene Dale Tyler
[] wrote:
| Hello,
| I work for a company that makes a hardware debugger targeted at
| IA-32 and IA-64 systems. 
| We have a Lion Debug Chasis and are looking to load linux on it
| so that we can get the IA-64 debugging environment up to snuff.
| I am the firmare engineer responsible for the code that controls
| the IA-64 platform and a Linux fan. So, it is in my interest to
| get Linux running on the platform prior to Win2K ;->>
| I downloaded the sources from and the tool chain from
| Cygnus, but am going through the same pain as some others I see here.
| If the CD from Linux World will work enough to get to a shell, then
| we can make sure our VHPT and other code is running well.
| I can be reached at 949/360-1717 or by e-mail.
| Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.
| Regards,
| Dale
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