Re: [Linux-ia64] building the toolchain

From: Jim Wilson <>
Date: 2000-02-23 16:07:04
	The only trouble I had was with 'make install prefix=/usr/local/ia64/'
	command, where the Makefile in build/itcl/iwidgets3.0.0/unix needed to be
	fixed a bit, to point to the TCL and TK directories within the top-level src

The recommended way to build the toolchain is to specify prefix when
configuring, not when installing.  E.g., something like
	configure --prefix=/usr/local/ia64 ...
	make all
	make install
If you give the prefix at configure time, then programs with builtin pathnames
will have the correct pathnames.  If you give the prefix at install time,
some programs may fail to work, unless you set an environment variable or
use a command line option to override the default pathnames.

If you did not specify a prefix to configure, this may explain why
itcl/iwidgets3.0.0/unix got confused.  configure thought you were building
something for /usr/local by default, it noticed that there was already tcl/tk
stuff in /usr/local, and tried to use it.  This stuff is obviously wrong for
a cross compiler though.  And it is also wrong because you ended up with
pathnames pointing to someone else's tcl/tk source tree.

	What I haven't yet seen is a glibc release (with include files) that lets
	you build even simple IA64 apps.

This is unfortunate.

However, there are glibc sources in /usr/src on the OS CD-rom.  If you are
feeling adventurous, you could try to compile them yourself.  I haven't
tried this myself.  I'll probably wait until the linux distributors have
something ready.

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