Re: [Linux-ia64] CD intructions.

From: Chuck Fleckenstein <>
Date: 2000-02-23 05:14:27
> The CD David put together needs a doc update. Could we put something up
> on the web site? Here's a short howto:
> Boot your system with the cd in the drive. At the EFI prompt type (note
> that "rescue" is missing from the docs:
> eli vmlinux root=/dev/hda rescue
> Log in as root (no password) and fdisk your drive:
> fdisk /dev/sda
> create a dos (fat16) partition (/dev/sda1) for later use by EFI
> create an ext2 filesystem for your root (/dev/sda2)
> create a swap partition (/dev/sda4)
> and format them:
> mke2fs /dev/sda2
> mkdosfs /dev/sda1
> mkswap /dev/sda4
> Now mount them using an existing directory and copy over the cd
> mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/cdrom
> cd /
> cp -a README.IA-64 bin boot dev etc etc.simple home \
>  lib log root sbin tmp usr var /mnt/cdrom
> umount /mnt/cdrom
> mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/cdrom/
> cp /boot/* /mnt/cdrom/
> umount /mnt/cdrom
> Now you should be ready to reboot off the hard drive. Take the CD out
> and reboot. The from the EFI prompt type:
> eli vmlinux root=/dev/sda2

I did something similar to this the other day and it worked.
The only thing I see missing from above is the change
to fstab file that was copied to the hard disk..


change your mount point of root, /,  to that of the sda2 instead of hdc1 (cdrom).

/dev/sda2               /                       ext2    defaults        1 1

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