[Linux-ia64] building the toolchain

From: Tim Riker <TimR_at_CalderaSystems.com>
Date: 2000-02-21 06:32:11

Contains the sources for the ia64 toolchain (gcc, gas, etc) Note that
www.cygnus.com has been swallowed up by redhat.com. Will the ftp site
disappear in the near future?

I've been trying to build and use these tools. I believe I am missing
some step along the way. I'm starting with the cross compiler and
attempting to build a new kernel. Here's what I've done:

rm -rf patches src local build
tar xzf patches.tgz
tar xzf src.tgz
patch -d src/gas/config/ < patches/patch.001
patch -d src/gcc/config/ia64/ < patches/patch.002
patch -d src/gcc/config/ia64/ < patches/patch.003
patch -d src/gcc/config/ia64/ < patches/patch.004
patch -d src/libgloss/ia64/ < patches/patch.005
patch -d src/gcc/config/ia64/ < patches/patch.006
patch -d src/ < patches/patch.007
patch -d src/gcc/config/ia64/ < patches/patch.008
patch -d src/opcodes/ < patches/patch.009
mkdir install
mkdir build
cd build
../src/configure --prefix=$prefix --target=ia64-cygnus-linux

PS: I'll be hanging on #ia64@irc.openprojects.net if anyone wants to
chat there.
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