Re: [PATCH] git-bundle - bundle objects and references for disconnected transfer.

From: Mark Levedahl <>
Date: 2007-02-15 13:13:47
Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Mark Levedahl wrote:
>> Mark Levedahl wrote:
>>> Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> I don't think you need the bases. If you say "master~10..master" on the 
> sender side, you want to update master on the receiving side, _after_ you 
> verified that receiver already has "master~10".
> Ciao,
> Dscho
git>git-rev-parse master~10..master

Which shows the new head and the commit that the destination needs. That 
is fine. But:

git>git-rev-parse master --since=10.days.ago

is not helpful: it does not tell what is expected to be on the other 
end. And I find both forms absolutely useful in the ways I use 
git-bundle. The latter one does not tell me what is needed. The only way 
I solved that was to walk all the commits from git-rev-list, one at a 
time, to find the parents, and keep the results not otherwise in the 
list. I found that so terribly slow in bash I gave up on it as 
unworkable: I have found in practice my current solution of git-fsck to 
be much faster.


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