Re: mingw, windows, crlf/lf, and git

From: Alexander Litvinov <>
Date: 2007-02-13 14:32:51
В сообщении от Monday 12 February 2007 05:13 Mark Levedahl написал(a):
> 1) git is a POSIX only tool (i.e., there will be no \r\n munging), or
> 2) a Windows port of git will handle and mung \r\n and \n line endings.
> If the answer is 1, the mingw port is a waste of time as it simply won't
> be usable by its target audience. If the answer is 2, then I think a
> very careful design of this capability is in order.

I am strongly object this statement. I develop one project under Windows and 
use Cygwin git for this. Yes, I have a problem with git's thinking line 
ending is a \n but most of troubles are diff and rebase. In general git works 
well with \r\n line endings.

When I have file that was converted from dos to unix format (or from unix to 
dos) git genereta big diff. But anyway, c++ compiler works well with both 
formats and in this case I simply convert file to dos format and git shows 
again nice diff. If unix format was commited to git I simply change the 
format and commit that file again.

The only trouble is the rebase, it does not like \r\n ending and othen produce 
unexpected merge conflict. But I don't use rebse to othen to realy 
investigate and try to solve the problem.
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