Re: Merge git-gui into 1.5.0 ?

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2007-02-13 08:55:42
"Shawn O. Pearce" <> writes:

> git-gui development is going to continue past 1.5.0's release.
> There are still a lot of operations it should support that it
> currently does not do, and there are certainly user interface
> improvements that can still be made.
> It may be saner for all involved if that development happens in
> the git-gui.git repository, with drops made to git.git by way of
> merging the "subproject" every so often.

Ok, so here is what I did last night.

$ git remote show git-gui
* remote git-gui
  URL: git://
  Tracked remote branches
$ git fetch git-gui
$ git read-tree --prefix=git-gui/ git-gui/master
$ git checkout git-gui
$ git rev-parse git-gui/master >.git/MERGE_HEAD
$ git commit

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