Re: Possible BUG in 'git config'

From: Marco Costalba <>
Date: 2007-02-12 04:21:08
On 2/11/07, Johannes Schindelin <> wrote:

> So I am certain that you made a mistake when you need to ignore the
> settings in $HOME/.gitconfig.

Please do the following:

$ cd <git tree repo>
$ git repo-config --global --unset
$ git repo-config --unset
$ git gui

Then go to Edit->options, you will see empty both 'git repository' and
'Global (All repositories)'

Then exit 'git gui' and type:

$ git repo-config --global dummy
$ git gui

Then go to Edit->options and.... surprise! dummy has been added to
both panes instead of only in 'Global' one.

The bug is not in 'git gui' but in 'git repo-config' that when queried
for if doesn't find it in local config, silently falls back
in global config. This is not documented and probably a bug because
documentation of --global option says:

       Use global ~/.gitconfig file *rather than* the repository .git/config.

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