Re: Navigating remote branches in qgit

From: Marco Costalba <>
Date: 2007-02-06 04:45:28
Hello Pavel,

> OK, I understand.  I feel quite ambivalent on this if we stop showing
> StGIT bases.  They seem internal details of StGIT to me.

Probably you are right. Patch pushed.
> I've made a patch that makes qgit use the same color as gitk.  It looks
> much better to my eyes.

Thanks, applied.

> I think the popup menu for remote branches should have one more level of
> hierarchy.  The branches should be grouped by remotes:
> Remote branches -> wireless-2.6 -> master
>                                    upstream
>                    wireless-dev -> master
>                                    for-linus
> It may not be as quick to access, but jumping the branches is not going
> to happen often.  It's more important to provide a good visualization.

In your interesting test case at
all the remotes are on "origin", so in that case I don't see how
things could go better. Or perhaps I don't have understand the
grouping logic. In this case please give me some example based on your
repo, so I can understand the algorithm to use.

> Also, qgit seems to be confused on one of my repositories.  It doesn't
> show any tags in the main menu and shows tags with branches under
> "More".  I guess there are too many remote branches.  The tarball is in

Thanks. Fixed and patch pushed.

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